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The Best Bag Business Name Ideas

There are lots of different bag brands, bag shops, and other bag businesses out there nowadays, and the best bag businesses tend to have fun, catchy names. So, if you’re setting up a bag business, you may want to create some catchy bag business name ideas to help it succeed.

💡150 Catchy Bag Shop & Brand Names + Name Generator | Brand Experts (1)

If you’re looking for bag business name ideas, we can help. The BizNameWiz bag business name generator is one of the best tools to use when it comes to making bag business name ideas. In fact, our bag business name generator can give you hundreds of ideas in an instant!

In this guide, we’ll also take a look at some of our favorite bag business name ideas for both shops and brands, as well as look at different methods you can use to create bag business names, and evaluate some real-world bag business names to see why they work so well.

15 Catchy Bag Business Name Ideas for Bag Shops

The best bag business names need to be eye-catching and appealing. They need to stand out from the crowd, catching the attention of passers-by and encouraging people to find out more about your brand or step inside your store. Here are some great bag business name ideas for bag shops.

  1. The Beautiful Bag Emporium
  2. The Bag Corner
  3. The Purse Caravan
  4. The Bag Cave
  5. Classy Bags
  6. Elegant Accessories
  7. The Purse House
  8. The Handbag Collective
  9. Bags for Every Occasion
  10. Your Next Best Bag
  11. The Right Fit
  12. The Perfect Partner
  13. Trendy Accessories
  14. Fashion & Function
  15. Best Value Bags

Tips for Creating Catchy Bag Business Name Ideas for Bag Shops

When it comes to creating bag business name ideas that are catchy and attention-grabbing, it’s a good idea to try and use relevant key words and phrases from the worlds of bags, fashion, and accessories. Words such as trendy, stylish, elegant, beautiful, fashionable, and more can all work well, and you can use synonyms for shops like emporium, bazaar, market, and corner to make your store stand out.

15 Bag Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

It’s very common for business owners to make use of rhyming or similar-sounding words in their business names, as this helps to make the names more memorable and catchy. You can use those same techniques to create great bag business name ideas, too.

  1. The Bag Bazaar
  2. The Handbag Haven
  3. The Purse People
  4. Classic Couture
  5. Carry Couture
  6. Pretty Purses
  7. Beautiful Bags
  8. The Best Bags
  9. Tags & Bags
  10. The Helping Handbag
  11. The Perfect Purse
  12. Best Budget Bags
  13. Awe-Inspiring Accessories
  14. Totally Totes
  15. The Happy Handbag Co.

Tips for Creating Bag Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

The trick to making bag business name ideas involving rhyming or alliteration is to find words that are connected to your brand’s products, values, or style, and then find words that sound similar or start with the same letter. Use the words you’ve found as building blocks to make great bag business names or type them into our bag business name generator to have ideas made for you.

15 Unique Bag Business Names for Bag Brands

You might also be setting up a brand new bag brand and planning to create your own handbags, purses, totes, or other kinds of bags. In this case, it’s wise to try and make a really original and exciting name that expresses your brand’s values and ideas.

  1. Expression Accessories
  2. Completion Handbags
  3. The Finishing Touch
  4. On Your Arm
  5. Pretty Pink Purse
  6. The Handmade Handbag Collective
  7. Starbags
  8. Back to Bagsics
  9. EcoBags
  10. Bag Planet
  11. Natura Purse
  12. Elega Accessories
  13. Brill Bags
  14. The Carry-On Cove
  15. The Handbag Atelier

Tips for Creating Unique Bag Business Names for Bag Brands

If you want to make original, unique names for your bag business, you need to be willing to think outside of the box and avoid making use of the usual boring words that are often linked with bag businesses. Try to create your own words, combine existing words, or find rarely-used words that sum up your brand’s identity in a smart and unexpected way.

Some name ideas exclusively for you:

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  • Totally Totes
  • Snag a Bag
  • One Size Fits
  • One Size Fits All!
  • Crossbody Corner
  • Handbag Heaven
  • Supreme Satchel
  • Sophisticated Satchel
  • Handle It
  • Handbags Handled
  • We Handle Handbags
  • Handbags by the Handle
  • Handbag Haven
  • Sophisticated Shoulder
  • Clutch Craze
  • Just the Essentials
  • Carry On
  • Carry On Couture
  • Classic Carryalls
  • Better Bags
  • To Be Toted
  • Holy Handbags
  • Haute Handbags
  • High End Handbags
  • Bigger Bags
  • Better Bags
  • Bag Boy
  • Bag Bounty
  • Bag Bonus
  • Specialty Bags
  • Bag Best
  • Bag Bank
  • Star Bags
  • Bright Bags
  • The Perfect Bag
  • Amazing Bags
  • Smart Sacks
  • Style Sacks
  • Bag Work
  • Go Bags
  • Bag More
  • Bags Plus
  • Bag Impressions
  • Crystal Bags
  • Super Sacks
  • Gear Bags
  • Everything Bags
  • Bag Crazy
  • Bag Style
  • Bag It Up
  • Sack Full
  • Green Bags
  • Carryall Collection
  • Bag Buddies
  • Bag Buds
  • Build-A-Bag
  • Hit the Sack
  • The Sack
  • BagBoy
  • Baggies
  • Big Bags
  • Carry All
  • Everyday Carry
  • WorldWide Carry
  • Carry City
  • Carry Cove
  • Carry Cave
  • Bag Beach
  • Baggie Beach
  • Best Bags
  • Ballistic Bags
  • Sack City
  • Sack Station
  • Sax Station
  • Sax City
  • Sax Time
  • Sack Time
  • Sacks Time
  • Bag Time
  • Baggie Time

The Best Real-World Bag Names

💡150 Catchy Bag Shop & Brand Names + Name Generator | Brand Experts (2)

Another great way to find ideas and inspiration when naming a bag brand or bag shop is to look into the real world and find some great bag business names you can use as examples. Here are some of our favorites to get you started.


How Rebag Got Its Name

Rebag is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell designer bags at less-than-retail prices. The name was chosen by blending the concepts of “reuse” or “recycle” and the word “bag”.

Why Rebag Is A Great Bag Business Name

Rebag works really well as a bag business name, as it’s both informative and clever. It includes the word “Bag” in its name to let people know what the business is about, and it essentially creates a whole new verb “Rebag” to express the concept of reusing bags and giving new life to old bags, rather than letting them go to waste.

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How Porto Got Its Name

Porto is an emerging bag brand that takes its name from the Latin root of the verb “carry” and the Greek word “Peiro”, which means “traverse”.

Why Porto Is A Great Bag Business Name

Porto shows that short, simple, one-word business names can work really well in the bag business, especially for new, exciting brands like this one. The name is so short, yet says so much. It makes us think about movement, travel, portability, and modern, busy lifestyles.

Marge Sherwood

How Marge Sherwood Got Its Name

Marge Sherwood is a South Korean bag brand that is named after a character from the 90s film, The Talented Mr. Ripley. The character in the film, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, is fashionable, smart, and stylish, and these elements are also associated with the bags produced by this brand.

Why Marge Sherwood Is A Great Bag Business Name

Marge Sherwood is a really fun and unique bag brand name. It can work on multiple levels. Some people who haven’t heard of the original film might simply enjoy the name on its own merits, as it’s a pleasant and attractive name to hear out loud. Those who have seen the film, meanwhile, can connect to the brand on a deeper level and will appreciate the reference to such a stylish fictional character.

Most Successful Bag Business Names


How Hermes Got Its Name

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Hermes is a French luxury designer that specializes in bags and other accessories. The brand was named after its founder, Thierry Hermes, but it also works on another level, as Hermes is the name of the Greek messenger god who is often pictured carrying a bag or purse.

Why Hermes Is A Great Bag Business Name

Hermes has become one of the most iconic names in the luxury fashion and accessories world over the years. It proves that short names can work really well in this industry, and it also shows that using your own name can work well, as long as you have a name that can be considered to be interesting, exotic, or appealing in a certain way.

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How Prada Got Its Name

Prada is an Italian fashion house that is named after its founder, Mario Prada.

Why Prada Is A Great Bag Business Name

Just like Hermes and many of the other big designer bag brands, Prada has become iconic over the years, showing that simple names and businesses that are named after their owners or founders can succeed with hard work and effort.


How Gucci Got Its Name

Gucci is another high-end Italian bag and fashion brand that is named after its founder, Guccio Gucci.

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Why Gucci Is A Great Bag Business Name

Gucci is yet another example of a bag brand name that is simply taken from the surname of the man who founded it. The name works well because it’s short, easy to remember, and exotic to people from different locations around the world, which gives the brand global appeal.

Tips for Creating Your Own Bag Name

Short and Sweet

One of the things we can learn when looking at real-world bag brand names is that many of them are very short and direct. In fact, a lot of them are one-word names or two-word names, at the most. This shows that there’s no need to create a name that is too long or unnecessarily complicated; keeping things short and sweet when naming your bag brand can be a super way to make your name memorable, engaging, and appealing to as many people as possible.

Think About Your Audience

It’s also important to think carefully about your target audience when naming your bag brand or bag shop. Try to think about the people you’re marketing towards, put yourself in their position, and imagine how they might respond to certain names. If you’re targeting a general market, you don’t want to restrict yourself by using a name that is too vague or pretentious-sounding, for example, but if you’re setting up a truly elite-level, high-end bag brand, a fancy-sounding name may work well to attract your target clientele.

Get Creative

When people are looking for great new bag brands or places to buy bags, either in the real world or online, they tend to be drawn towards brands that have creative names, rather than those with dull or boring-sounding names. A dull name can cause your business to simply blend in with the background and become inseparable from so many other stores and brands, but a creative name will help you stand out. So take your time and use your imagination to make a truly special bag business name you can be proud of.

💡150 Catchy Bag Shop & Brand Names + Name Generator | Brand Experts (4)

Check Availability

Whenever you’re naming a business, including a bag or purse business, it’s always important to make sure that the name you want to use is actually available and free to claim as your own. Sometimes, you might think that you’ve found a great new name and then discover that another business is already using it. So, before you claim your name and start setting up your online profiles, do some research to check that the name is free.

Use the BizNameWiz Bag Business Name Generator

If you need any help in finding and making bag business names, the BizNameWiz bag business name generator is a great tool to use. Our bag business name generator is simple and free, and it can create hundreds of name ideas for your business in the blink of an eye. All you have to do to use the bag business name generator is to type a word (or multiple words) into the box and then press the Generate button. The bag business name generator will use those words to make lots of great name ideas.


So, if you’ve been finding it tough to name your bag business or need a helping hand with ideas and inspiration, we hope that this guide has provided the insight you’ve been looking for. By following these naming tips and tricks, you should find it a lot easier to create a catchy and fun name that will attract attention and help your bag brand become a true success.

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