Joe Keery: Bio w/ Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sisters & Family (2023)


Joe Keery is an American TV/ Movie actor & Musician.Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, Cole in Molly's Game, Jackson in Slice, Chris in Shotgun.

Family - Childhood

Joseph David Keery was born on 24th April 1992 in Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States to David Keery (father) & Nina Keery (mother). He grew up in Newburyport, Massachusetts.


Joe's father David Keery is an Architect & his Mother Nina Keery is an English professor.


Joe Keery has 4 sisters. Older sister Caroline and 3 younger ones in- Lizzy, Emma & Kate. Emma & KAte are twins.

  • Caroline Keery(Born 1990)
  • Joe Keery(Born 1992)
  • Lizzy Keery(Born 1996)
  • EmmaKeery(Born 1998)
  • Kate Keery(Born 1998)

Joe Keery: Bio w/ Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sisters & Family (1)

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Image:Joe Keery with sisters


  • River Valley Charter School:He attended the local elementary & middle school in Newburyport.
  • Newburyport High School: He attended NHS- a public high school for students from 9th to 12th grade, located in Newburyport, Massachusetts.Joe started acting in the High School on his sister Caroline's insisting. He has acted in Plays such as The Pajama Game(Prez), Emma(Mr. Knightley), Dangerous Liaisons(Vicomte de Valmont).[2]
  • Maudslay State Park: Joe attended performing arts & Theater camp at the Maudslay State Park.
  • The Theatre School: He studied Fine Arts at the 'The Theatre School' affiliated to DePaul University. He graduated with Bacholor of Fine Arts (Acting) degree in 2014

Girlfriend - Dating

Joe Keery & Maika Monroe

Joe has been dating Maika Monroe (Maika Monroe Buckley) an American actress (known for "It Follows", "Independence day: resurgence", "The 5th wave", "The Guest") & a professional kiteboarder.

Joe Keery: Bio w/ Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sisters & Family (2)

Image:Joe Keery with girlfriend Maika Monroe

Facts & Trivia

  • Five Siblings: He has 4 siblings, he is the 2nd of the 5, he is the only boy among 5 siblings. He apparently had to watch lot of girl movies while growing up.
  • Ancestry: His family is mostly from Ireland (with some German down the line) he suspects the surname must have been changed from O'Keery or O'Kerry.
  • Previous Jobs: Before getting steady jobs in the industry he used to work small jobs, some of them are:
    • He has worked at a restaurant
    • Delivered Pizza
    • Waited tables at a burger restaurant(DMK Burger Bar, Lakeview)
  • Funny incident: When he was working as a Pizza delivery boy there were no mobile phone maps, he was using old maps and talking to a customer on phone finding it difficult to find the place, the customer was getting grumpier by the minute, when he finally found the place and gave the pizza, the customer handed him a piece of paper which read "Pizza delivery is not for you", That is when Joe decided to quit the job.
  • String of Auditions: Joe went through 100s of auditions for roles without much luck, Stranger Things changed things for him. It gave him the major breakthrough (he has acted in other projects previous to that)
  • Commercials: Joe has appeared in commercials for
    • Amiibo(Nintendo)
    • Domino's (Recreated scenes from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1986) for the Ad)
    • KFC
  • Friendship: Joe Keery & Gaten Matarazzo are good friends off the screen.
  • Replies to Instagram comments: Once he was invited by a few people to a bar on Instagram, Joe and his friend went there and hung out for a while.
  • Shades are good: He wears Ray-Bans when he is outside.
  • I'm Not Smart: Joe wrote, played and recorded the song back in 2013
  • Twitter: He got a twitter account in late 2016, his sister helped him.
  • Dog Fight: Joe & co-star David both love the dog that belongs to one of the makeup artists, they have been posing with it and posting pics on their social media, a cute battle.
  • Young Hollywood: He is a card carrying member of Young Hollywood association.

Joe Keery kissing Charlie Heaton

Joe Keery & Charlie Heaton had a funny kiss incident on a Stranger Things event. Here for your viewing pleasure Joe Keery: Bio w/ Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sisters & Family (3)

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Joe Keery: Bio w/ Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sisters & Family (4)

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Joey Keery Haircut/ Hair Style

Joe gets his crazy hair from his parents, his dad wanted him to have his hair cut, but Joe likes it long. His mom has thick hair, while dad has poofy hair.

Joe Keery: Bio w/ Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sisters & Family (5)

[ Joe Keery haircut ]

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Joe Keery Look alike

Joe Keery & actor Ben Schawrtz share some facial features, but not related in any way. In October 2017 they made a video together for VISA, where they acted as each other's doppelganger. [Link]

Joe Keery: Bio w/ Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sisters & Family (6)

[ Joe Keery & Ben Schawrtz ]

Joe Keery- Dominos commercial

Joe recreated the iconic Ferris Bueller scene for the Dominos ad in 2017

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Questions & Answers

  • What is Joe KEery's Hair secret routine?
    • Get up in the morning, have window down if you are driving, do not wash your hair as much as you want. (He doesn't use any shampoo or conditioner in specific, it is just a gift)
  • Which are Joe Keery's favorite Hangouts in Chicago?
    • Brooklyn Boulders Chicago (Workout)
    • Ten Cat Tavern(Drinks)
    • Osmium Coffee Bar
    • Red Line train(Lunch)
  • Is Joe Keery Gay?
    • Joe played a gay character in Henry Gamble's Birthday Party(2015), he is straight in real life though, he has a girlfriend.
  • Which is his Favorite Guitar?
    • He owns a Getch Corvetter 1967 made up of Mahogany which he loves. He also likes playing American Stratocasters, Gibson b25.
  • What is his Advice to aspiring actors?
    • The most important thing I have learned is- Be prepared when the time comes, make sure you have all the tools in the kit and can capitalize when the opportunity comes.
  • Which are the places he wants to visit?
    • Great Wall of China
  • What is Joe Keery Salary?
    • Joe Keery was paid $150,000 per episode of Stranger Things Season 3


Stranger Things

He practiced the role of Steve Harrington in Stranger Things for about 6 weeks without knowing if he has got the role. He practiced swimming because the character demanded it, but when he actually went to the sets he found out that the swimming scenes were cut out. He originally auditioned for the role of Jonathan, he liked Steve's character and auditioned for it. His Mom thought Steve (the role) was kind of a jerk though.

Favorite Scene: Walking down the train track with Gaten Matarazzo(who plays Dustin) was one of Joe's favorite scenes in Stranger Things

Music Career

Joe Keery Band- Post Animal

Joe is a musician as well, He was a guitarist in the Chicago based psychedelic rock band Post Animal [Facebook page]. Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Matt Williams, Wesley Toledo are the Other members of the band. Joe also writes songs, handles drums and sings. He is no longer associated with the band.

He has worked vocals and guitar for the band's album- "When I Think Of You In A Castle"

Cool Cool Cool: Joe has previously released music under the musical name 'Cool Cool Cool'. He now uses the moniker Djo.

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Singles by Joe Keery

Some of the singles Joe has released are:

  • "Roddy" (July 2019)
  • "Chateau (Feel Alright)" (August 2019)
  • "Mortal Projections"(August 2019)


  • "Djo, Twenty Twenty" (September 2019)
    • Djo- Total Control
    • Djo- Showtime
    • Djo- bnbg
    • Djo- mutual future
    • Djo- ring
    • Djo- flash mountain
    • Djo- tentpole Shangrila
    • Djo- personal lies

Video: I'm not Smart- written, played and recorded by Joe Keery.


Movies List

2020Free GuyKeys
2020SpreeKurt Kunkle
2018After EverythingChris
2017Molly's Game(Trust Fund) Cole
2016The Charnel HouseScott
2015Henry Gamble's Birthday PartyGabe

TV Series List

2016-2021Stranger ThingsSteve HarringtonMain Role; 31 Episodes; also stars Millie Bobby Brown
2019No Activity"Oops Sorry" (season 3 episode 8)
2015EmpireTony Trichter III"Who I Am" (Season 1 Episode 12)
2015Chicago FireEmmett"Red Rag the Bull", "Forgive You Anything" ( Season 3 Episode 16-17)
2015SirensScenester"Screw the One Percent" (Season 2 Episode 6)

Short Movies List

2019How to Be AloneJack


2018NominationScreen Actors Guild AwardsStranger ThingsOutstanding Performance by an Ensemble- TV Drama
2017WONScreen Actors Guild AwardsStranger ThingsOutstanding Performance by an Ensemble- TV Drama
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards(2017): He won the 'Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble' award along with the cast in 2017. The cast received a nomination again in 2018.


  • Jeans are very tight in lot of ways, in places you might not want them to. Nowadays jeans are like baseball gloves, they stretch everywhere.
  • Newburyport will always be a part of my life, It is a great place to grow up, traveling away and living in Chicago has only made me appreciate it more.
  • I feel lucky to have the opportunity to get paid to do something that I love.
  • Learning your lines is just the tip of the iceberg, acting is about being prepared & ready to collaborate once you get on set.
  • Do enough preparation and hard work so that when you are in the right moment at the right time, you can be in the right frame of mind to relax and be yourself
  • [About characters in Stranger Things]Everyone thinks they're the hero in their own story
  • Chicago is a place where actors can live and be without becoming narcissists,it's very hard to live in Los Angeles and not become a narcissist.
  • [About role in Stranger Things] I'm really blessed to be on the show, just after my acting school, I was nobody a week ago, but to be recognized so widely is crazy.
  • I just don’t have hair-care regimen, It’s just my genetics
  • In order to do what is best for the ones you really love, you have to put yourself in the backseat
  • Just knowing what you need is a very important part of the job.
  • Kids dressing as my character for Halloween, some fans doing art work on my character are like the coolest thing ever, It will never get old.
  • I was a little bit of a boss while growing up, I troubled my little sisters.
  • I think it helps a little to be a bit nervous.
  • Dancing is a little awkward, it becomes more fun the less you care.
  • I was a bad High School student, I was not a dummy or anything, I was just bored all the time.
  • I'm good at making an impression in person than if asked to write an essay.
  • It is a fun thing to compete, I'm pretty competitive.
  • I do like all Boston sports teams.


  1. Joe Keery Wiki
  2. Newburyport High School


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Keery grew up in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where he attended River Valley Charter School for elementary and middle school, and then Newburyport High School. He is the second of five children and grew up surrounded by 4 sisters.

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Joe Keery


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