Moon Knight Fortnite Skin: Price, Cosmetics & How To Get | EarlyGame (2023)

Fortnite and crossovers - they just go together. New partnerships are announced again and again. In our weekly series, we present you with a Fortnite skin each time. Today, it's Moon Knight's turn.

Moon Knight Fortnite Skin: Price, Cosmetics & How To Get | EarlyGame (1)

More and more characters from TV, films, and other games appear as skins in Fortnite. So that you don't lose sight of the story behind the characters, we'll keep you up to date. Our weekly series returns with a really nice collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel: Moon Knight.

Fortnite Skin "Moon Knight"

Moon Knight is a fictional character in the MCU and was created by writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin. The character first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 in 1975.

The story follows Marc Spector, better known as the vigilante Moon Knight. He was once a mercenary left to die in the desert, but he was revived by the moon god Khonshu. Appointed Khonshu's fist and high priest, he ensures justice as the Moon Knight to protect all who wander at night. Marc also suffers from dissociative identity disorder. Some of his alter egos are millionaire Steven Grant and cab driver Jake Lockley.

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Moon Knight Fortnite Skin: Price, Cosmetics & How To Get | EarlyGame (2)

Also, on March 30, 2022, a Moon Knight TV series was released on Disney+, which even collaborated with Epic Games to include a Fortnite skin!

How Do You Unlock The "Moon Knight" Skin In Fortnite?

The Moon Knight Skin was added as part of the Moon Night set Fortnite in Patch 20.20 on April 21, 2022. It's available from time to time in the Fortnite item shop and can only be purchased here.

How Much Does The "Moon Knight" Skin Cost In Fortnite?

You can purchase the Moon Knight skin individually from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. His harvesting tool, the Crescent Moons, can be purchased for 500 V-Bucks.

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What Cosmetics Are Included In The Moon Knight Set?

Outfit Moon Knight

Moon Knight Fortnite Skin: Price, Cosmetics & How To Get | EarlyGame (3)

He Delivers Justice!

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The Moon Knight is ready to bring justice to the island day and night on Khonshu's behalf.

Back Bling Moon Knight's cloak

Moon Knight Fortnite Skin: Price, Cosmetics & How To Get | EarlyGame (4)

This can be used to slow down falls from great heights.

The Moon Knight is rarely without his cloak, so his outfit also includes the Moon Knight's Cloak back bling. It's actually just a white cloak, but that's what superheroes wear.

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Harvesting Tool Crescent Moons

Moon Knight Fortnite Skin: Price, Cosmetics & How To Get | EarlyGame (5)

These throwing devices are also very suitable for close combat.

Okay, this is just one hell of a cool harvesting tool. Perfect for chopping down some trees. Or for fighting in a tight space...

We're back next week in our Fortnite skin reveal series with another cool collaboration. Until then, have a look at the other articles: Fortnite Skins in Detail: Harley Quinn or Fortnite Skins in Detail: John Wick.

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