Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (2022)

Flow hair is nothing new — it’s been around since the 1800s. These days, we call it flow, hockey hair, or a lax bro cut.

GQ calls it the Bro Flow because, of course, they do. Although hockey players are famous for this loose, long, freely flowing style, it’s also a favorite among surfers, musicians, actors, and everyday bros, too. The look’s easy to steal and a breeze to style—once you get used to it, anyway.

The hockey flow haircut calls for some styling tools. At the very least, my dudes, you need to invest in a blow dryer and a good brush.

How to Grow Hockey Flow Hair Fast

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Long hair is essential for that hockey flow hair, gents. Here’s the bad part: hair grows slow. The average guy grows an eighth of an inch of hair each week. So, you grow about half an inch every month, meaning that it takes a full year to grow six inches. However, that’s just the average. You can boost your hair growth a bit.

Biotin helps. You can find it in your nearest vitamin aisle. Just read the instructions to know how much to take. You should also bear in mind that biotin makes your hair grow fast and thick everywhere, so have fun with that. Otherwise, drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and regularly have your dead ends trimmed—just your dead ends, though.

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Tips to Maintain Your Flow Haircut

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Maintaining your hockey haircut takes time and dedication on your part. Even after you reach the length you desire, you still need to get the split ends trimmed—and you will have them. Regular shaping and thinning are also required. You don’t want your flowing locks to get too heavy or flyaway.

Since you need to style your new ‘do with heat tools, such as blow dryers and straightening irons, use a heat protectant on your hair and apply a deep conditioner at least every other week.

Best Hockey Flow Haircuts for Men

There’s something romantic and smouldering about hockey hair. Men with gently flowing locks look like bad boys with hearts of gold. They’re all Prince Valiant on a Harley. Take a look at the following hairstyles and see if you’re ready to flow.

1. Comb Over

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (3)


This hairstyle requires a longer top that is combed towards the back. To get that wet look finish, use a pomade and hair gel. All you have to do is comb your longer tresses with your fingers. Keep a clean shaved face.

2. Flow Mohawk

Flow hairstyles are so versatile and can be adapted to suit lots of looks. Therefore, you can turn a medium or long hairstyle into a mohawk by using hairspray and hair gel. Also, don’t neglect your beard and give it an edgy trim.

3. Braids and Pearls

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(Video) How to Easily Style Medium - Long Men's Hair (How to Slick Your Hair Back)


If you are the kind of person who loves to steal the show and grab all the attention, this is certainly an option you will love. Build cornrows on one or each side and decorate each break with pearls. Opt for a short stubble beard and choose a pale pink hair color to make sure everyone will notice your look.

4. Casual Hairstyle

If some men love more non-conformist hairstyles, but there are others who enjoy having a casual haircut that suits all their activities. So, get more volume for the top and slightly toss those long bangs to the side.

5. Shaved Sides

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (7)


Hockey flow hairstyles won’t pass ignored, especially if you keep your hair long, reaching the shoulder line, with shaved sides. The contrast will be so visible! Style your hair out of the way, by combing the fringe towards the back.

6. Ultra Long Sideburns

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (8)


When you have wavy hair, consider better highlighting just wonderful texture. Shave the temple area, and use a razor to give your sideburns a cool design. For the bangs, lift them up and make the fringe hold with some hair spray.

7. Comb Over with Beard

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (9)


If you want a bro flow, you need to keep growing your hair. Once it reaches the length you want, the hairstyle will be more versatile. Do a middle part and comb the hair towards the back. Use some hairspray to make it last the whole day.

8. Sleek Hair with Side Design

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (10)


Sleek wet looks are very popular among younger guys. And that happens because their long hair is like a canvas that they can style however they please. Create highlights, shave the site and do razor-lined designs.

(Video) MENS HAIRSTYLE explained in 1min

9. Temple Design

One of the greatest perks of this hairstyle is that you can reveal or cover the design whenever you want. Shave the temple area, and using a razor, design your lines. Complete your look with a mustache that will give you a manly vibe.

10. Bro Flow

Pomade will help you create that wet look and make the hairstyle hold for the whole day. Keep your temple area perfectly trimmed and show off those sideburns. Comb over the longer tresses and shave your face for a clean look. The hairstyle is cool and a great option for a guy who wants to look presentable.

11. Blonde Highlights

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (13)


Shortly trim the sides and the back, creating a contrast with the longer top. Style blonde highlights, and if necessary, straighten the hair. Get that messy, careless look by tousling your locks in the back.

12. Brown Curls

Flow hairstyles are among the most beloved hairdos among hockey players, surfers and other sports guys. If you have curly hair, you might consider combining a long top and back hair with shaved sides. Make your hairstyle look even more outstanding by creating razor lines on each side.

13. Mullet

The mullet is slightly different from the bro flow because it possesses a longer nape hair. It has a retro vibe that seems to be coming back in trends. So, if you want a hairstyle that grabs attention, the mullet will do the trick.

14. Short Half Top

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (16)

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For this hairstyle, you need to cut half of the crown hair shortly. Keep those locks longer in the back and shave the upper section of the sides. To gain more texture and better define those waves use a pomade or hair gel. Apply a larger amount of product to the top.

15. Layered Waves

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (17)


Relaxed, messy hairstyles are perfect for hockey players who have waves or curls. Layer those tresses to achieve hair volume and define those ringlets with some holding products. Don’t overload the hair because it will end up looking too luscious.

16. Off to the Side

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (18)

Comb your fingers through your hair when it’s semi-dry—on the dryer side of damp, but not too dry, if you please—but guide it to the side. Coax a tendril or two down over your forehead, then spray lightly with a flexible hairspray. Fini. The flow haircut is nothing if not effortless.

17. Flow Haircut With Rumpled Curls

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (19)

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that curls can’t flow. The whole point of the flow style is a don’t-care vibe. Curls don’t care. Let your ringlets grow out a bit and don’t try to tame or straight them. Just run your fingers through those waves and let them do what they want.

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18. That Swashbuckling Vibe

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (20)

You know the haircut. You know this haircut. It’s a Shakespearean, Robin Hood, there’s-magic-afoot, Pirates of the Caribbean kind of cut. Ask for this hairstyle.

19. The Curly Flow

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (21)

Curly boys of all kinds can wear their hockey hair with pride. Left to grow, some curls turn to waves under the weight. That’s when you start to get this kind of effect, which is perfect for that hockey flow.

20. Lion’s Mane

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (22)

One of the best things about this ‘do is its DGAF appeal. You don’t have to do a thing. The cut’s designed to be effortlessly elegant.

21. Long Hair, Don’t Care

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (23)

Flow hair has no set length. Even if your hair cascades to your shoulders, you can still flash your flow. In fact, long hair makes the style appear even more virile.

22. The Sensitive Hockey Flow

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (24)

Maybe it’s the suit, but there’s something sensitive and rather poetic about this variation of the Bro Flo. The waving curls are fire, though, and the length is ideal.

23. A Little Shape to It

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (25)

(Video) Medium Length Modern Slick Back Tutorial | Mens Long Hair 2021

Okay, this flow cut is pretty. It’s almost a bob, it has highlights, and it’s just kind of gorgeous. Wow. What’s the verdict on this one?

24. Taming the Flow Hairstyle

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (26)

Take your hockey hair and slick it back. You’re not taming your wild side, just your hair. It adds a sensual, sleek edge to the cut, plus you can leave it a bit messy for charm’s sake.

25. Flipped Flow

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (27)

The little flip there at the ends when they curl—fine times ten. At this length, you could also slick it back—slightly—and rock a tousled bedhead ‘do.

26. Choppy Layered Hockey Haircut

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (28)

Carrying a flow hairstyle accompanying with choppy layers is just like a breeze that gives the entire hairstyle effortless vibes. The liveliness of flow hair depends on the proper cutting of layers. It is ideal for medium length hair. The slightly wavy hair texture gives the layers uber-flawless features.

27. Silver-Blonde Short Flow

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (29)

Apart from long and medium hairstyles, you can do plenty of other variations also just like the above one. Leave a thick bunch of layered haircut on the top and style it into a slick back hairstyle.

Add a punk element to your flowing haircut by incorporating drop fade and silver-blonde with black undertone.

28. Flow and Undercut

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (30)

The textured top turned into uneven layers and an undercut enhances the cool features of guys. Sweep the front bangs on the side. Side-swept hockey hairstyles are an extremely stylish choice for those guys who want to add understated and sophisticated details to their appearance.

It is ideal for straight hair and barely requires any styling product because of its natural smooth hair texture.

29. Slick Back Hairstyle

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (31)

Now, this is an official flow haircut that has been seen wearing by many hockey players and that’s what an athlete should wear; independent, blowy and enthusiastic hairstyle.

Take a good quality hair gel and push back your medium locks. You can style your hair into a slick side part hairstyle as well according to your face shape.

30. Low Blowout Haircut

Top 30 Effortless Hockey Flow Haircuts for Easygoing Men (32)

You can achieve this look with a clipper-over comb technique. This hockey flow provides an ultimate spur to guys who desperately want to adopt a flowing hairstyle, but cannot because of the hair length.

The top hair is cut short into layers and styled through the blow-drying procedure. It will give guys an absolute business expression and personality attitude.

The flow has no boundaries. It’s all about freedom—and, as you can see, it’s not just for hockey players. You are, however, ice-cool when you step out with a flow haircut. Which one’s your favorite?


How do you get flowy hockey hair? ›

Hockey Player Haircut Tutorial - TheSalonGuy - YouTube

How long does it take to grow hockey flow? ›

Now here is the key – most people underestimate how long flow takes to develop. You need AT LEAST 6 MONTHS for your hair to hit its stride – don't cut this short, or you could be left in the dreaded “Land of in between Flow Stage” (see later point).

What is a bro flow haircut? ›

A bro flow is a medium to long length hairstyle which is allowed to take its natural shape without too much interference. Many men choose to brush it back, away from their eyes, but it's an easy-going style that can be worn however you like.

What is a flow haircut for men? ›

What Is the Flow Haircut? Often referred to as “hockey hair,” this haircut is all about showing off that gorgeous head of hair you've got. It tends to be medium or longer in length, though is often curly or wavy.

How do I ask for a flow haircut? ›

TikTok Hair Flow Tutorial - TheSalonGuy - YouTube

What is hockey hair called? ›

Spencer Kramer has spent 20 years shaping players' salad — basically, mullets — even if players don't always call them that. "I think they're a mullet," he said, "but, for the most part, they either call it 'hockey hair' or 'trim their flow."

What does lettuce hair mean? ›

Lettuce: a great head of hockey hair.

How do guys get fluffy hair? ›

The BIGGEST Hair Trend on TikTok - TheSalonGuy - YouTube

What is lettuce in hockey? ›

Lettuce: hair, on the head and the face. Light the Lamp: scoring a goal — a red light goes off behind the net when a team scores a goal. Lip lettuce: a mustache.

How long does it take to grow a flow? ›

How long does it take to grow a flow? To grow a decent flow haircut men should leave their tresses intact for at least three months. But to achieve a sufficient length, you may need to grow your hair for around six months.

How do you get good flow? ›

To get a flow hairstyle, first you'll need to let the top of your hair grow out while you keep the rest of your hair trimmed short. Once the top of your hair is 3 inches long, let the sides and back grow out until your hair reaches down to your ears. Styling your flow is really easy.

What kind of haircut suits me? ›

If you have curly hair, avoid short haircut for this face shape. Long straight hair looks good on this type of face shape. If you have sleek, straight hair and want to experiment with a short haircut, then a defined pixie cut with long, side-swept bangs that fall on your cheekbones is the one you should opt for.

What is a fluffy hair? ›

Fluffy hair is considered to be a style that is the happy medium between a messy texture and a blowout. So, while your strands sport a smooth, shiny, and bouncy appearance, it has a bit of texture for a balanced look. Poofy hair refers to a state where the hair has a lot of volume and a frizzy appearance.

How can I get Tiktok hair? ›

TikTok Hair Tutorial for Short Hair - TheSalonGuy - YouTube

What is a hockey flow? ›

Flow is the correct term for the hair of professional and amateur hockey players. It is typically some variation of a mullet with a little extra grease, that typically appears beginning in junior hockey.

Why do hockey players all have long hair? ›

According to Boston Bruins defenseman Torey Krug, the reason why many players grow their hair long is so they stand out even when their helmets are on. “We have to wear a helmet at all times,” he told ESPN.

Who has the best flow in the NHL? ›

Top 5 "Flows" in the NHL - By Max Vanderaarde
  1. Braden Holtby (Washington Capitals) ...
  2. Mika Zibanejad (New York Rangers) ...
  3. Artemi Panarin (New York Rangers) ...
  4. Mathieu Perrault (Winnipeg Jets) ...
  5. Duncan Keith (Chicago Blackhawks)
Feb 24, 2022

Is hockey hair a mullet? ›

Long in the back is a given, but the sides can be kept neat and trimmed—a look we know as the mullet. Most hockey hair is related to the mullet. Designs can be shaved into the sides. If a player continues to rock the mullet as he begins to go bald, it becomes a skullet.


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