What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (2023)

Have you ever wondered what sticks the pros are using? Spend time tracking down photos or pausing live games to check? My friends over at GeerGeek.comhave got you covered. They compiled a list of what your favorite NHL playersuse. They have a list of sticks, gloves, pants, skates, and helmets from all NHL teams and players. Now since this is the stick guru I wanted to highlight what sticks the pros are using. You can click on any stick for more information and see the pros compare to yours? Check out GeerGeek directly for more info on other gear or to check specific players. Check out below for a breakdown by brand.

What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (1)

What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (2)

34.3% of NHL players use CCM Sticks. Which ones dothey prefer?

13.3% Ribcor Trigger ASY 0.9% RBZ Speedburner
7.5% Super Tacks 0.7% RBZ Superfast
4.3% Ribcor Reckoner 0.6% Tacks
3.1% Super Tacks 2.0 0.6% Ribcor 40K
1.7% RBZ Revolution 0.1% RBZ Stage 2
1.5% Ultra Tacks

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What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (3)

31.8% of NHL players use Bauer sticks. Which ones dothey prefer?

14.3% Nexus 1N 0.7%Supreme TotalOne MX3
10%Supreme 1S 0.1% Supreme TotalOne NXG
6.7% Vapor 1X

What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (4)

19.7% of the NHL players use Warrior sticks. Which do they prefer?

7.6% Covert QRL 4.7% Alpha QX
7.2% Dynasty HD1 0.1% Covert DT1

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What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (5)

9.9% of the NHL use Easton sticks. Which do they prefer?

7.2% Stealth CX
2.4% Synergy GX
0.3% Synergy HTX

What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (6)

2.6% of the NHL use True sticks. Which do they prefer?

1.7% A6.0 SBP

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0.7% XCORE 9
0.1% A5.2 SBP

What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (7)

1.3% of the NHL use STX sticks. Which ones do they prefer?

0.9% Surgeon RX2
0.4% Stallion 600

What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (8)

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0.3% of the NHL use Sherwood sticks. Which do they prefer?

0.3% Rekker EK60

What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (9)

0.1% of the NHL use Reebok sticks. Which do they prefer?

0.1% 20K

Check out Gear Geek for more!

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What the Pros Use – The Stick Guru (10)

GearGeek is the world’s first online NHL equipment database. See what every active NHL player is using on the ice right now – sticks, gloves, pants, skates and helmets. You can sort by brands, teams, positions, stat leaders and more. GearGeek is free to use, and no registration needed. Check us out now!


What hockey stick do most pros use? ›

Most Popular Hockey Sticks
  • Bauer Vapor Hyperlite. Used by 115 of 822 NHL Players in 2022-23. CHECK CURRENT PRICE. ...
  • Warrior Alpha LX Pro. Used by 88 NHL Players in 2022-23. ...
  • Bauer Nexus Sync. Used by 72 NHL Players in 2022-23. ...
  • Bonus: CCM Jetspeed FT5 Pro. Used by 68 NHL Players in 2022-23 (Including 59 using FT4 Pro)

What stick do pros use? ›


These are the sticks you see professional players using today. Composite hockey sticks are usually made from woven carbon fiber and fiber glass blends, which makes these sticks incredibly lightweight, balanced and high performing.

What stick does Connor McDavid use? ›

Connor McDavid Stick Spec Check

McDavid's custom curve is a variation on the popular P92 pattern, with a smaller, slightly squared blade face. He has been using the curve since he was a young, and for the most part has stuck with it throughout his pro career (with some brief experimentation here and there).

Do any NHL players use Sherwood sticks? ›

About a dozen NHL players use the new Sher-woods, and Soule says the models have gained acceptance among Midget AAA and Junior players.

What stick does Alex Ovechkin use? ›

Ovechkin has been using the same CCM Ribcor Trigger since making the switch back to CCM from Bauer in 2017. The 37-year-old tested out the TOVI stick at the start of practice, dishing a couple of goals and stickhandling.

Who has the stiffest stick in the NHL? ›

The moment anyone starts talking about hockey stick flex, Zdeno Chara's name comes up. The 6-foot-9 Boston Bruins defenseman is known for having the stiffest stick in the NHL, typically playing with a 150 or 155-flex stick in a league where anything in three digits is considered stiff.


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