Wrestling Finals HIGHLIGHTS, Commonwealth Games: Bajrang, Deepak, Sakshi win gold medals; Anshu silver, Divya and Mohit take bronze on Day 8 (2022)


Men’s 125kg Bronze Medal match: Aaron Johnson loses to Mohit Grewal by fall - Mohit Grewal wins BRONZE!

  • ⦿Mohit pins Aaron and takes the bronze medal with a win by fall!
  • ⦿Second point for Grewal after pushing Aaron off the mat. One more point goes his way with a similar attack that forces Aaron past the boundary.
  • ⦿Mohit Grewal gets a point within 30 seconds of the bout.

Women’s 68kg Bronze Medal match: Divya Kakran beats Tiger Lemalie in a win by fall - Divya wins Bronze!

  • ⦿Divya Kakran wraps Tiger Lily under 26 seconds for a win by fall to clinch the bronze medal, wow!

Men’s 86kg Final: Deepak Punia (IND) 3-0 Md. Inam (PAK) - Deepak Punia wins GOLD!

  • ⦿Commonwealth Games GOLD medal for 23-year-old Deepak Punia - 4th medal of the night and third gold. What a start by the Indian wrestlers in Birmingham!
  • ⦿50 seconds to go. Inam in desperation to make inroads but Punia wears a sturdy defence.
  • ⦿Round two begins. Punia pulls on the aggressive front as Inam attempts to evade and loses another point.
  • ⦿First point for Punia as he pushes Inam off the mat for a point. Another point for the Indian for Inam’s passivity.
  • ⦿Inam atempts for a takedown and Punia jerks him to the floor.
  • ⦿Action begins. Deepak Punia has a massive challenge as he faces the Pakistani veteran who is a two-time CWG champion.

Women’s 62kg Final: Sakshi Malik beats Ana Gonzalez (CAN) by fall - Sakshi Malik wins GOLD

  • ⦿Sakshi strikes back with a sensational takedown. She pins Gonzalez to record a spectacular comeback win by fall! India’s second wrestling gold medal at CWG 2022 and Sakshi’s first gold in Commonwealth Games!
  • ⦿Gonzalez leads 4-0 after the first round.
  • ⦿Gonzalez clinches another brilliant takedown and Sakshi gives away another two points.
  • ⦿Sakshi slips in her bid for a takedown and Gonzalez takes command for two points.
  • ⦿The 2018 bronze medallist Sakshi Malik enters with an eye on her first CWG gold medal.

Men’s 65kg Final: Bajrang Punia 9-2 Lachlan McNeil (CAN) wins gold medal

  • ⦿Another takedown for Bajrang Punia and India gets its seventh gold medal! Bajrang Punia defends his CWG title in emphatic fashion!
  • ⦿Bajrang targets the right leg once again and gets another point to lead McNeil 7-2.
  • ⦿Bajrang goes for another single-leg attack and pushes McNeil off the mat for two more points.
  • ⦿And McNeil breaks through with a brilliant takedown for two points.
  • ⦿Bajrang forces McNeil off the mat for a point, a 4-0 lead.
  • ⦿Bajrang gets a point for a one-leg attack and converts it to a takedown for two more points!
  • ⦿And the final begins. McNeil aims to get hold of Bajrang early on but he avoids any imminent attack.
  • ⦿Defending champion Bajrang Punia will eye his third CWG medal as he enters the mat alongside McNeil.

Women’s 57kg Final: Anshu Malik (IND) 3-7 Odunayo Adekuoraye (NGR) - Anshu Malik wins silver medal

  • ⦿Anshu finds three points off a takedown with just six seconds remaining on the clock and nearly pulls off the takedown that would have put her level. Anshu Malik is challenging the last point. Palpitating moments for Indian fans. Challenge lost and Anshu Malik wins the silver medal. A third straight CWG gold for Odunayo.
  • ⦿Odunayo completes another takedown for two points and that should in all certainty settle this bout.
  • ⦿Anshu receives a point for passivity from Odunayo. Under a minute to finish.
  • ⦿Round two. Odunayo’s brilliant defence stops Anshu from making any inroads.
  • ⦿Odunayo leads 4-0 with another nimble takedown.
  • ⦿Odunayo is deft in her movement and denies any opening to Anshu. Another warning for the Indian for twisting fingers.
  • ⦿The referee has asked both wrestlers not to twist fingers.
  • ⦿A fierce grapple to begin the bout. Odunayo gets a takedown that fetches her two points!
  • ⦿Game on. Round 1 starts.
  • ⦿Anshu and Odunayo walk out to the mat.

9:30 PM IST

The final set of wrestling matches have begun at Coventry Arena.

9:13 PM IST

Anshu Malik will be first in line to stake a claim for the gold medal in 15 minutes.

(Video) commonwealth games 2022|Medal tally Commonwealth games 2022|medal tally cwg 2022|cwg2022 medal tally

The gold medal and bronze medal matches are expected to start soon . Stay tuned.

UP NEXT: India’s wrestling medal matches schedule

Women’s 57kg Final: Anshu Malik vs Odunayo Adekuoraye (NGR) - 2014, 2018 CWG gold medallist

Men’s 65kg Final: Bajrang Punia vs Lachlan McNeil (CAN)

Women’s 62kg Final: Sakshi Malik vs Ana Gonzalez (CAN)

Men’s 86kg Final: Deepak Punia vs Md. Inam (PAK) - defending champion

Women’s 68kg Bronze Medal match: Divya Kakran vs Tiger Lemalie

Men’s 125kg Bronze Medal match: Aaron Johnson vs Mohit Grewal

Women’s 68kg repechage: Divya Kakran (IND) beats Blandine Ngiri (CMR) by fall.

Men’s 125kg semifinal: Mohit Grewal (IND) 2-12 Amarveer Dhesi (CAN)

(Video) Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 8 Medal Tally

  • ⦿Dhesi ties down Mohit to reach the final on a 11-2 margin. Harrowing defeat for the Indian who never got going after the initial point.
  • ⦿Dhesi marks a resounding comeback with two locks and twists and takes a 8-2 lead. Mohit is suffering from an injury on his feet and receives medication.
  • ⦿Mohit takes the early lead with a nimble pin for two points. And Dhesi pegs back with two points.

Divya Kakran gets a repechage

She will meet Cameroon’s Blandine Ngiri and a win would send her through to the bronze medal match.

LIVE: Men’s 86kg semifinal: Deepak Punia (IND) 3-1 Alexander Moore (CAN)

  • ⦿Deepak Punia is through to the 86kg final - by 3-1 win through points.
  • ⦿Deepak Punia is pushed down and Moore gets a point.
  • ⦿A three-point lead for Deepak in the second round. Deepak’s been slow off the blocks in the semifinal after a breezy win in the previous round. Moore is keeping him on his toes.
  • ⦿Deepak and Alexander are in a stranglehold for the lead. Punia takes the first point.

Men’s 65kg semifinal: Bajrang Punia (IND) 10-0 George Ramm (ENG)

  • ⦿Outstanding stuff from Bajrang who demolishes Ramm in a minute by technical superiority, becomes the third Indian in the final.

Women’s 62kg semifinal: Sakshi Malik (IND) 10-0 Berthe Ngolle (CMR)

  • ⦿Sakshi Malik waltzes to a 10-0 win over Berthe by technical superiority. She becomes the second Indian to reach the final and it’s raining medals coming India’s way!

Women’s 57kg Semifinal: Anshu Malik (IND) 10-0 Nethmi Poruthotage (SL)

  • ⦿Anshu storms to a 10-0 technical superiority win over Nethmi. She reaches the final and assures India another medal!
  • ⦿A brilliant takedown and two twists give Anshu a 4-0 lead.

Men’s 86kg Quarterfinal: Deepak Punia (IND) vs Sheku Kassegbama (SLE)

  • ⦿Deepak Punia attempts to beat Sheku by pulling him down for a victory by fall but narrowly misses out. He takes a 6-0 lead and there it goes! A 10-0 win by technical superiority. He becomes the fifth India to reach the semifinals.

Women’s 68kg Quarterfinal: Divya Kakran (IND) 0-10 Blessing Oborududu (NGR)

  • ⦿Blessing moves to the semifinal with a technical superiority win over Divya Kakran.
  • ⦿Seems like it’s all over for Kakran as Oborududu moves to a 9-0 lead.
  • ⦿Oborodudu lifts herself to a 5-0 lead at the end of the first round. Can Kakran make a comeback from here?
  • ⦿Oborududu takes the lead with a point.

Men’s 65kg Quarterfinal: Bajrang Punia (IND) 6-0 Jean Bandou (MRI)

  • ⦿It is 4/4* for India, Bajrang enters the semifinal in style.
  • ⦿Bajrang pins Bandou in the first round to win by 6-0 margin. What a competitior. As easy as it could get!

Men’s 125kg Quarterfinal: Mohit Grewal (IND) 10-1 Alexios Kaouslidis (CYP)

(Video) Mohit Wrestling | Commonwealth Games 2022

  • ⦿Mohit beats Alexios 10-1 on points, through to the semifinals!
  • ⦿Mohit starts round two with another solid start and moves to a 10-1 lead with some firm holds.
  • ⦿Mohit Grewal claws back by pinning Alexious to take the lead. Back-to-back pins from the big Indian and Mohit takes a 4-1 lead.
  • ⦿Seems to be a close contest at the moment. Alexios takes the first point for a slender lead.

Women’s 62kg Quarterfinal: Sakshi Malik (IND) 10-0 Kelsey Barnes (ENG)

  • ⦿And the contest begins. An excellent grapple rightaway from Sakshi and she storms to a 6-0 lead. Sakshi pins Kelsey down once again and racks up a 10-0 win by technical superiority - enters the semifinal in some style!

Women’s 57kg Quartefinal: Anshu Malik (IND) 10-0 Irene Symeonidis (AUS)

  • ⦿Anshu Malik gets a brilliant start with an excellent pin on Symeonidis to get 8 points straightaway! And there we go, Anshu clinches the bout in under a minute by 10-0 - technical superiority!

Indian results so far

  • ⦿Bajrang Punia (IND) beat Matthew Oxenham (NZ) 10-0 in Round of 16
  • ⦿Deepak Punia (IND) beat Lowe Bingham (NRU) 4-0 in Round of 16.

6:30PM IST

We have had a brief hold-up in action after the Round of 16 at Coventry Arena. Here’s what happened:

ALSO READ:Wrestling bouts resume at 6:00pm IST after ‘health and safety checks’ at Commonwealth Games venue


As the Indian wrestlers are all set to take the mat in Birmingham to resume their supremacy in the Commonwealth Games, one is compelled to ask: “How many gold medals this time?”

Superpower India had won 12 medals, including five golds, covering all categories in Gold Coast four years ago. This time, a star-studded Indian side will look to improve its overall performance while retaining its top spot.

Worlds and Olympics medallist Bajrang Punia (65kg), Worlds medallist Vinesh Phogat (53kg), Olympics medallist Sakshi Malik (62kg) and Asian champion Divya Kakran (68kg) will be keen to continue their success stories.

(Video) Sakshi Malik win 🏅 Gold medal ||62 kg ||commonwealth games 2022 🇮🇳 #commonwealthgames2022 india

Going for a third

Bajrang, Vinesh and Sakshi are going for their third successive medal. Vinesh, who has recovered from an elbow surgery, will seek to match Sushil Kumar’s feat of winning three golds on the trot and redeem some pride after her forgettable showing at the Olympics.

Bajrang, who won a medal in Tokyo in spite of carrying a knee injury and was injured again post Olympics, trained in the USA in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games. He is expected to showcase his aggressive game again while trying to retain his title.

A gold will complete Sakshi’s collection of Games medals and will help her make an impact after the 2016 Olympics.

Divya, too, will be interested in changing the colour of her bronze.

While Worlds silver medallist Anshu Malik (57kg) will eye her first Games medal, talented girls Pooja Gehlot (50kg) and Pooja Sihag (76kg) will hope to make their mark.

Hot favourite

Among the men, Worlds and Olympics medallist Ravi Dahiya (57kg) will be the hot favourite in his category. His friend and Worlds silver medallist Deepak Punia (86kg), who recovered from a rib injury to train in the USA, will also be a gold medal aspirant.

Naveen (74kg), Deepak (97kg) and Mohit Grewal (125kg) will be no pushovers.

When and where to watch Commonwealth Games 2022 wrestling live?

(Video) Day 8, Commonwealth Games 2022, CWG: Indian Players Performance, Bajrang, Sakshi, Deepak clinch Gold

Indian wrestlers’ CWG 2022 action can be followed live on the Sony Sports Network and streamed online on Sony LIV from 6:30pm IST.


How many medals India won in Commonwealth Games 2022 in wrestling? ›

India was the best nation in wrestling by the end of the 2022 CWG with a total haul of 12 medals. The wrestling squad won six golds, one silver and five bronze medals to conclude a sensational outing in Birmingham.

Who won the gold medal in wrestling in Commonwealth Games? ›

India again secured medals in all the 12 weight categories, improving its gold-medal tally to six — one more than the tally at Gold Coast. Men won four gold medals, while women won two. Since its return to the Games fold in Delhi 2010, wrestling at the Games has been dominated by India.

Who won India's first gold medal in wrestling at Commonwealth Games? ›

India won one medal at their debut Commonwealth Games. Wrestler Rashid Anwar was the first Indian to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games after clinching the bronze medal in the men's 74kg freestyle wrestling event at CWG 1934.

Who won most medals in Commonwealth Games 2022? ›

Following their win at Birmingham 2022, Australia have now topped the medal table at 12 Games, England seven, and Canada one.

Who is India's highest medal winner in Commonwealth Games 2022? ›

Indian medal winners at Commonwealth Games 2022
1Sanket SargarMen's 55kg
2Gururaja PoojaryMen's 61kg
3Mirabai ChanuWomen's 49kg
4Bindyarani DeviWomen's 55kg
57 more rows
14 Aug 2022

Who Won wrestling 2022 gold? ›

Indian wrestler Naveen won the gold medal in the men's 74kg freestyle wrestling category at Birmingham 2022. India's Naveen won the gold medal in the men's 74kg freestyle wrestling at the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham on Saturday with an imposing victory over Pakistan's Muhammad Sharif Tahir in the final.

Who has become 1st Indian wrestler to win a gold medal at Commonwealth Games 2022? ›

Star wrestler Vinesh Phogat completed a golden hat-trick of Commonwealth Games gold medals by winning the women's 53kg freestyle wrestling final event.

How many gold medals India won in Commonwealth Games? ›

India won a total of 101 medals at the Games, including a staggering 38 gold medals. India have never managed to reach 100 medals at the Games since 2010.

How many medals India won in wrestling? ›

They have won 108 medals in the Games' history including 46 Gold, 38 Silver and 24 Bronze medals. They are the second most successful team in wrestling in Commonwealth Games history.

Who won 1st medal in Commonwealth Games? ›

India with an overall total of 564 medals (203 gold, 190 silver, 171 bronze) is ranked 4th at the All-time Commonwealth Games medal table. India's first ever Commonwealth medal was won by Rashid Anwar, who won a bronze in the category of wrestling in 1934.

Who won India's first medal in wrestling at Olympics? ›

English coach Rees Gardner saw this trait in him and trained him prior to the 1948 Olympic games. He belonged to goleshwar village near Karad. He was posthumously awarded Arjuna Award in 2000 for his contribution to the wrestling.
K. D. Jadhav.
Personal information
Weight54 kg (119 lb)
9 more rows

How many gold medals has India won in the recently held Commonwealth Games 2022? ›

India won 61 medals in the overall Commonwealth Games 2022 medal table. India finished its CWG 2022 campaign as the fourth-best country on the medals table. India won 22 gold medals, 16 silver and 23 bronze medals at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

What is the rank of India in Commonwealth 2022? ›

After winning 22 gold and 61 total medals in Commonwealth Games 2022, India have risen to 4th place on the Commonwealth Games' all-time medal tally.

What is the rank of India in Olympic 2022? ›

After rising to fifth place in the Commonwealth Games 2022 medal tally, India remain in fifth, with a total of 13 gold, 11 silver and 16 bronze medals.

Which country won the 2022 Commonwealth Games? ›

Check the final Commonwealth Games 2022 medal tally. Australia topped the tally with more than 178 medals.
Commonwealth Games 2022 medal tally (top ten) on August 8.
10 more columns
8 Aug 2022

Which of these sports did India win 6 gold medals at the 2022 Commonwealth Games? ›

PV Sindhu completed her set of Commonwealth Games medals, winning the elusive singles gold to add to the silver and bronze she won at previous editions. Lakshya Sen, and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty won gold in men's singles and doubles events as India claimed six medals in badminton.

How many medals won India in Commonwealth? ›

In all Games, India have won 181 gold medals, 173 silvers and 149 bronzes for a combined 503 medals.
Commonwealth Games: Medals tally at 2022 Birmingham Games.
9 more columns
9 Aug 2022

Which year India won highest medal in Commonwealth Games? ›

India has competed at the Commonwealth Games in all but four edition - the inaugural edition in 1930, fourth edition in 1950, seventh edition in 1962 and then the thirteenth edition in 1986.
India performance and medals won at every CWG.
Host CityManchester, England
21 more columns
8 Aug 2022

Who is the first female Indian wrestler to win a medal at the Olympics? ›

At the same Olympics, Sakshi Malik became the first Indian woman to win a medal in Wrestling. She won the bronze medal in Women's 58 kg freestyle wrestling. This was the first Olympics for India where all the medallists (2) were women. P. V.

How many wrestling gold medals are there? ›

However, in terms of total medals tally, Final is second and Sweden is third with 58 and 56 medals respectively. In Freestyle Wrestling, United States of America leads with 46 gold medals and 108 overall medals to their credit; Soviet Union and Turkey are second and third with 28 and 19 gold medals respectively.

Has wrestling been removed from the Olympics? ›

In 2013, the International Olympic Committee voted to remove wrestling from the Olympics, even though it had been contested at every Games since 1904.

Who got gold medal in Olympics 2022 in India? ›

LPU student and Wrestler Bajrang Punia won Gold; 8 of its students have together grabbed Silver medal through their collective participation in the Indian men's hockey team; and two of its women boxer & wrestler- Jasmine Lamboria and Pooja Gehlot, respectively, have bagged Bronze medals individually.

Who is the first Indian woman to win gold in Commonwealth Games? ›

Rajdeep Saha. The Indian athletics contingent is adding on medals as Javelin thrower Annu Rani became the country's first female athlete to win a medal in the event at the Commonwealth Games. She clinched the bronze at the 2022 edition of the quadrennial sporting event with a best throw of 60m. Annu Rani wins bronze!

In which sport did India won the gold medal in Commonwealth Games? ›

The Indian badminton squad won three gold medals on the final day to help the side end on the top of the medals tally in the sport. This was also India's best performance in badminton in Commonwealth Games history.

When did India get first gold medal in Commonwealth Games? ›

1958 was the fourth time India participated in Commonwealth Games. India won its first gold medal in these games.

Has India won Olympic gold in wrestling? ›

In the wrestling competitions, Ravi Kumar Dahiya won a silver medal and Bajrang Punia won a bronze medal. Olympic debutant Lovlina Borgohain took bronze in women's boxing. She became only the second woman to win an Olympic medal in boxing. The haul of 7 medals is the best performance for India in the Olympics history.

Has India won an Olympic medal in wrestling? ›

His 2008 Olympic medal was second for India in wrestling, and the first since Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav's bronze medal at the 1952 Summer Olympics.
Sushil Kumar.
Personal information
ClubNIS, Delhi
Coached bySatpal Singh
8 more rows

Who won the first gold medal in wrestling? ›

Geeta Phogat (born 15 December 1988) is a freestyle wrestler who won India's first ever gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.
Geeta Phogat.
Personal information
Born15 December 1988 Balali, Haryana, India
Height5 ft 0 in (152 cm)
Weight62 kg (137 lb)
11 more rows

How many medals won India in Commonwealth Games? ›

Since their debut in 1934, India have won 564 medals – 203 golds, 190 silvers and 171 bronze - at the Commonwealth Games. However, the first few editions were very challenging for the nation.

Is wrestling in the 2022 Commonwealth Games? ›

Wrestling competitions at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, were held on 5 and 6 August 2022.

What is the position of India in Commonwealth Games 2022? ›

After rising to fifth place in the Commonwealth Games 2022 medal tally, India remain in fifth, with a total of 13 gold, 11 silver and 16 bronze medals.

Who all won medals for India in Commonwealth Games? ›

Gold medal winners for India in Commonwealth Games 2022
  • Gold - PV Sindhu - Badminton Women's Singles.
  • Gold - Lakshya Sen - Badminton Men's Singles.
  • Gold - Nikhat Zareen - Boxing Women's Light Flyweight.
  • Gold -Vinesh Phogat - Wrestling Women's Freestyle 53kg.
  • Gold - Ravi Kumar Dahiya - Wrestling Men's Freestyle 57kg.
8 Aug 2022

Which year India won highest medal in Commonwealth Games? ›

India has competed at the Commonwealth Games in all but four edition - the inaugural edition in 1930, fourth edition in 1950, seventh edition in 1962 and then the thirteenth edition in 1986.
India performance and medals won at every CWG.
Host CityManchester, England
21 more columns
8 Aug 2022

When did India get first gold medal in Commonwealth Games? ›

1958 was the fourth time India participated in Commonwealth Games. India won its first gold medal in these games.

Is wrestling in Commonwealth Games 2026? ›

Five cities across the State of Victoria are set to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Match 2026. A day after Victoria (Australia) was confirmed as the host of the 2026 Commonwealth Games, there have been further updates to the mega event.

Is wrestling in the Olympics 2022? ›

On 8 September 2013, at the 125th IOC Session, the IOC selected wrestling to be reinstated in the Olympic program for 2020 and 2024.

How many Indian wrestlers are in the Commonwealth Games? ›

The 12-member Indian wrestling team will return home with 12 medals. And the stars are: Ravi Kumar Dahiya, Bajrang Punia, Naveen Kumar, Deepak Punia, Deepak Nehra, Mohit Grewal; Pooja Gehlot, Vinesh Phogat, Anshu Malik, Sakshi Malik, Divya Kakran, Pooja Sihag.

Which country will host 2022 Commonwealth Games? ›

Which country won the first gold medal in Commonwealth 2022? ›

Who won the first gold medal for India in Commonwealth Games 2022? Weightlifter Mirabai Chanu won India's first gold medal in Commonwealth Games 2022 after she topped the 49kg category.

How many medals India won in 2022 olympics? ›

India finished at the 4th position in the medal tally in the 2022 Commonwealth Games by winning 22 Gold medals (61 medals in total – 16 Silver & 23 Bronze medals). This is one of the best performances of India in the Commonwealth Games. In this historic performance, 12 LPU students and alumni won medals for India.

Who won the last gold medal for India in Commonwealth Games? ›

AP Wrestler Vinesh Phogat celebrates after winning gold medal on Day 9 of the competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. India ended its spectacular run at the Commonwealth Games with a total of 61 medals placing it at the fourth spot in the overall medals tally.


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